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Preslav Rachev


Short and random thoughts that fit nowhere else. This collection complements my regular blog, and is where ideas for my regular blog posts usually originate from.

Photo Credits: Midjourney


Money Defeated Magic

·1 min

They gave us a universal currency; we turned it into a casino. They gave us a town square; we turned it into a fight club. They gave us a universal oracle; we turned it into a billboard.


Never Did. Never Will.

·1 min

20 years ago: Use a fat and complex persistence framework on top of the DB, because we might switch DBs in the future…

I Am Moving My Obsidian Vault Away From iCloud

·1 min

I spent quite some time last Saturday morning, moving my main Obsidian vault away from iCloud. I want to make myself use Obsidian more, but syncing via iCloud has been such a pain - regularly ended up having duplicated or even lost notes in-between syncs.

First Encounter (A Free Wallpaper)

·1 min

First Encounter is a wallpaper I created in collaboration with Stable Diffusion’s AI model. When working with generational AI, it is hard to say who should be credited for the creation of the work. Was it me who came up with the idea and thought of an appropriate prompt, or was it the model that did all the hard computational work?

Not all algorithms are evil

·1 min

The algorithms that are currently being used by the social media platforms that dominate our attention are designed to keep us engaged with content for as long as possible. But that’s not all they can do.