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Preslav Rachev

Software Developer / Entrepreneur / Educator

I will be at Bansko Nomad Fest between June 23 and June 30th this year. If you want to join me there, grab a ticket. Use my special code Preslav_bnf24 (case-sensitive) for a 10% discount. See you there! 🏔️

Welcome to my home on the Internet! With more than a decade of software engineering expertise, I’m here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Whether it’s developing data-intensive systems, providing technical guidance, or sharing knowledge through my books and courses, I’ve got you covered. Let’s create something extraordinary!

I co-created Feedle and Murmel, because I believe in building tools that foster discourse on the open Web.

Learn more about me here.

With some small, explicitly pointed out exceptions, more than 95% of the content of this site has been written by a human being (me).

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