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Preslav Rachev
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Epic Rap Battles of Programming: Python vs. OCaml

·2 mins
Two programming languages appear on stage for a massive rap battle. Who will win?*

*ChatGPT at its best.

Image Credits: DALL-E

Does anyone still remember Epic Rap Battles of History? If not, Iโ€™m probably getting too old for this social media thing. In any case, feel free to have a watch - many of those are super hilarious even to this day.

So, in typical ERBH style, I thought I could put two heavyweight programming languages on the battle stage for some geeky fun. Because I am definitely not a poetry writer, let alone a rap song writer, I asked my good friend ChatGPT to do this job for me. I did one between Java and Go exactly one year ago.

Without further ado, please welcome OCaml and Python on the stage ๐ŸฅŠ:

OCaml #

Yo, I’m OCaml, a functional beast,
With static types, my power’s unleashed.
Elegant, concise, and incredibly fast,
In the realm of efficiency, I’m unsurpassed.

Patterns matching, logic so tight,
In the world of systems, I’m the knight.
Complex problems? I solve with ease,
While maintaining performance and guarantees.

Python #

Python’s here, dynamic and cool,
Ruling the script world, I’m nobody’s fool.
Readable, flexible, loved by the masses,
From web to AI, I’m the king of classes.

Libraries galore, community vast,
In the race of development, I’m unsurpassed.
Machine learning, data science my crown,
In the world of coding, I wear the gown.

OCaml’s Retort: #

Sure, you’re popular, Python, that’s your game,
But when it comes to speed, it’s not the same.
I’m the underdog, strong and lean,
In critical systems, I’m the unseen queen.

Python’s Comeback: #

Popularity counts, my friend, OCaml,
In the world of tech, I’m the real mammal.
Easy to learn, easier to use,
When devs choose languages, I’m what they choose.

Closing Beats: #

In this epic rap battle, the lines are drawn,
OCaml and Python, from dusk till dawn.
Different strengths, different might,
In the world of code, they both shine bright.

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