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Preslav Rachev

First Encounter: Download the Hi-Res version from Google Drive

“First Encounter” is a wallpaper I created in collaboration with Stable Diffusion’s AI model. When working with generational AI, it is hard to say who should be credited for the creation of the work. Was it me who came up with the idea and thought of an appropriate prompt, or was it the model that did all the hard computational work? Ot, perhaps, it was the original inspiration that the model was trained with? That’s why I am seeing work done in collaboration with AI more as a discovery process - we are learning about a vast unexplored universe of possibilities by looking at it through the lens of an AI model.

I’ll cut it here, before this post gets too philosophical. Download the higher resolution wallpaper for free, and don’t hesitate to drop a picture in the comments of how you used it.

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