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Preslav Rachev
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Disclaimer: This piece is a creative collaboration between me and ChatGPT. While I am against blatantly copy-pasting AI-generated content, I am super interested in the artistic traits of large language models (LLMs), and how a human and a machine can co-create something that is unique and beautiful in its own right. Whether you like the quality haiku and the image below is beyond the point. Try to grasp the feelings they have on you instead. Does it evoke any emotion? Leave a comment below.

Source: ChatGPT/DALL-E

Technology’s grasp,
Nature intertwines below,
Silent conversation.

Birds upon the wires,
Dawn breaks, shadows dance below,
Silent witnesses.

Sky’s canvas merges,
With man’s creation, they blend,
Harmony in hues.

Whispers of the wind,
Echoes of a world untouched,
In the city’s heart.

Technology hums,
Yet, in this moment, peace reigns,
Nature’s soft embrace.

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