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Preslav Rachev


Short and random thoughts that fit nowhere else. This collection complements my regular blog, and is where ideas for my regular blog posts usually originate from.

Photo Credits: Midjourney



·1 min

Eliud Kipchoge just ran a marathon in 2:01:09, breaking his own world record by 30 seconds. This is an incredible accomplishment, and a testament to Kipchoge’s dedication to his sport.

Interrupting vs Attracting

·1 min

The problem with most marketing is that it’s based on interrupting people. We interrupt them with our ads, our emails, and our pop-ups. And we do it over and over and over again until, eventually, people tune us out.

Being an Introvert

·1 min

Being an introvert isn’t about being shy, or lacking communication skills. It’s about a different way of managing your energy. Being an introvert simply means that you function better when you have time to yourself to internalize and reflect.

The Spiral of Silence

·1 min

Even in societies with robust free speech protections, most people don’t often say what they think. Instead, they take pains to weigh up the situation and adjust their views accordingly. This comes down to the “spiral of silence,” a human communication theory developed by German researcher Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann in the 1960s and ’70s. The theory explains how societies form collective opinions and how we make decisions surrounding loaded topics.