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Preslav Rachev

My Writings

“If you write, you are a writer.” – Leigh Bardugo

Writing is a big part of my life. This is a collection of the essays and long-form post I have throughout the years.

I also keep a separate collection of my shorter posts and fleeting thoughts - I call that my Scratchpad.


Between Go and Elixir

·10 mins

Reason wanted me to make a choice, and I am so glad I didn’t. Because the more I kept delving into both Elixir and Go, the more I found out how complementary the two can be to one another.


The Urgent vs. the Important

·2 mins

If you think about it, the very important never feels urgent. Instead, most things which feel urgent are important for someone else, not for you.

Every End Is a New Beginning

·5 mins

I am leaving my emplyer to go on my own. It feels exciting, but also scary as hell. It is precisely at times of such uncertainty that great leaps forward are made. Or great mistakes. Only time will tell.

Farewell, macOS!

·5 mins

I’ve recently switched from macOS to Ubuntu on my MacBook from 2015. It is stable, fast, and I am already enjoying it a lot more than I have any recent version of macOS.

Elixir Tip: Case vs. With

·4 mins

Dating back to version 1.2, the with operator is one of Elixir’s features that need a bit of time to comprehend at first. It often gets used in situations…

Elixir Is Not Ruby. Elixir Is Erlang

·3 mins

Elixir is not Ruby. The familiar syntax has definitely helped the language win the hearts of the broader developer community. Yet, under the hood, Elixir is all about Erlang.