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Preslav Rachev

My Writings

“If you write, you are a writer.” – Leigh Bardugo

Writing is a big part of my life. This is a collection of the essays and long-form post I have throughout the years.

I also keep a separate collection of my shorter posts and fleeting thoughts - I call that my Scratchpad.


Elixir Tip: Case vs. With

·4 mins

Dating back to version 1.2, the with operator is one of Elixir’s features that need a bit of time to comprehend at first. It often gets used in situations…

Elixir Is Not Ruby. Elixir Is Erlang

·3 mins

Elixir is not Ruby. The familiar syntax has definitely helped the language win the hearts of the broader developer community. Yet, under the hood, Elixir is all about Erlang.






Using Slack as a Personal Knowledge Hub

·6 mins

Slack can is much more than just a tool for team collaboration - it can also be used as a personal knowledge hub. Create channels for different topics and use Slack’s integrations to automatically collect tweets, code changes, and more. Review your thoughts regularly to create well-written and organized notes.