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Preslav Rachev
Our side project Feedle has just hit its first major milestone.

A few months ago, a couple of friends and I introduced a small side project to the world. We named it Feedle, and it was our own of paying homage to RSS - a simple piece of technology without which the Web would not be what it is today. We also hit a home run with the timing - we launched Feedle right around the time of the big Twitter debacle and the mass exodus to the Fediverse.

feedle - It's a world of feeds!
A search engine for blogs and podcasts, where every search is an RSS feed.

When we launched Feedle, we had no expectations about it becoming a popular service. After all, despite being the backbone of the modern Web, RSS feeds are and will always be a niche thing. And yet, the response we got from the blogging community was overwhelming! So many people have submitted their blogs and podcasts that we have had a busy time catching up with all of them. However, the nice mentions across the blogosphere were the most exciting for us. There are so many that I cannot name all, but I want to thank Boing Boing, NetNewsWire, and MakeUseOf for helping spread the word about Feedle. Thank you! πŸ™

A ton of feeds wait to get added - both blogs and podcasts. The reason we take our time is that we literally look up each and every single one. Our primary goal is to give a chance for regulars bloggers to get noticed and discovered, which is why we have made the tough decision to postpone the addition of sources that deliver content multiple times a day. Those will likely do so for promotional reasons and already have the means to get their content seen on the Internet. After all, we care less about quantity and more about genuine quality and the people who produce it.

Still, there is a single metric I wanted to share proudly. Since the start, we have indexed and constantly keep up-to-date with over 2000 blogs! And we are only just starting with podcasts. Exciting times ahead!

If you have a blog or podcast you want to see on Feedle, the easiest way to do so is to fill out our submission form. As we can’t promise how fast we will add it to our index, a great way to trigger our attention is to write about Feedle on your blog and link to us. We appreciate every mention and have been able to discover some fantastic people who were kind enough to tell their audiences about us.

Until my next update! ✌️

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