KotlinConf 2018 Recap

4 minute read

KotlinConf 2018 took place in beautiful Amsterdam at the beginning of October, and this year, I had the chance to attend. Though only the second edition, KotlinConf has already become something of an institution within the developer community. Events like these help you meet the people whose work you admire, but would otherwise not be able to meet in person.

Software Disenchantment: A Slightly Philosophical Look

3 minute read

As a software developer who roams around the social media circles, you might have already stumbled upon Nikita Tonsky’s post. I have been tinkering with programming every since I can remember. I have been writing code professionally for close to a decade now. Therefore, I couldn’t just leave Nikita’s words pass by me, and not leave a remark. Here’s a quote from Nikita’s post that sets the overall tone:

Revisiting IntStreams in Java8+

1 minute read

This post is mainly a reiteration of an article, I found online. As of Java 8, we have had the ability to replace looping operations on collections with streams and functional operations. This applies to situations where we don’t have an up-front collection to iterate upon.

How to Create a New Empty Branch for a New Project

less than 1 minute read

Sometimes, you might need branches in your git repositories, which are off the track of the main repository timeline. You want to store specific files there, and none of the original files, stored across your master and other feature branches. Luckily, git comes with an option called orphan branch. An orphan branch is basically like a store on its own, with its own history. You can delete all the existing files inside an orphan branch, and this won’t affect their state across master and other branches at...