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Preslav Rachev

Credits: Austin Distel

Unlike Ruby, Elixir, Java, or Python, until recently, the Go community has been a teeny, tiny island on the podcast scene. Until 2020, Go Time was by far the one I knew of. Thankfully for us, the last couple of years saw the appearance of a few more podcasts, some about Go specifically, others indirectly targeting the Go community.

I want to list the podcasts I know of, hoping that someone new to Go would pick one or two up and broaden their perspective on the happenings in the Go world.

Let’s dive right in.

Go Time #

The Go Time podcast
Your source for diverse discussions from around the Go community.

Go Time is by far the oldest and most prominent Go podcast. It’s a weekly discussion with community members, and all of the hosts are well-known community members. Sadly, discussions aren’t as interesting to me as they used to be, as the focus seems to be shifting towards broader topics and so much around language technicalities anymore. It wasn’t the first podcast that was bitten by the AI bug.

Cup o’ Go #

Cup o' Go
Stay up to date with the Go community in about 15 minutes per week

Cup o’ Go is the new kid on the block. Fresh and always full of language and community updates (which is what we want from a Go podcast), followed by an insightful interview. Hosts Jonathan and Shay bring lots of fun to each episode. Check that one out, and you won’t be sorry.

Ardan Labs Podcast #

Ardan Labs Podcast
This podcast features intimate conversations with engineers who are in the forefront of building or teaching technology.

Venerable Go community member Bill Kennedy invites members of the broader developer community to share their lives’ stories and touch upon their first interaction with the language. Episodes aren’t strictly technical but are nonetheless inspiring. My personal favorite is the one with Kelsey Hightower.

Optimize All The Things #

Optimize All The Things
Welcome to OAT! Join us to discuss ideas and tools that make our software and development processes faster, more efficient, and healthy! We talk about performance improvements and valuable optimizations to software development processes like testing, debugging, running in production, open-sourcing or collaborating. Learn from experts how they improved their products, engineering processes or life habits and apply those in your work!

Optimize All The Things by Bartłomiej Płotka & Ivan Valkov is another new kid on the block. The hosts are both Go experts, and each episode revolves around a topic related to the language.

go podcast() #

go podcast()
15 minutes news, tips, and tricks on the Go programming language.

Unlike the rest, go podcast() does not feature any interviews but is a sort of the host’s self-reflection on different technical aspects of the language or things he discovers in his work with it.

Backend Banter #

Backend Banter
Lane Wagner, the founder of, interviews successful back-end developers and engineers to dig into what has made them successful. Learn about backend development in Python, Go, JavaScript, SQL and other technologies, all in one place. If your goal is a job as a back-end developer, tune in to hear the best advice that the internet has to offer.

Backend Banter by the creator of is, as the name suggests, more focused on discussing the broader aspects of backend development. And yet, in almost every episode, the topic of using Go vs. other languages pops up.

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