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Preslav Rachev
In the vast theater of the Cosmos, one voyager dances with the infinite unknown.

Credits: Lexica AI

This is my first attempt at writing a short sci-fi story. I did it to prove to myself and my dear audience that I enjoy writing of all sorts, not just about programming. I hope you will enjoy reading it, and please, don’t be too harsh in your criticism ;)

And, here we go …

Cosmic cradle swings,
Life’s secret in stardust sung,
Newborn star takes wing.

In the unfathomable depths of space, billions of miles away from the nearest star, Astronaut Nova Kepling was alone aboard the Ouroboros. This unassuming vessel served as humanity’s most audacious venture into the cosmic abyss and its captain, its intrepid harbinger of hope.

Nova hailed from a generation that knew Earth as a fading paradise, a once vibrant blue marble now gasping under the strains of climatic calamity. Raised in the twilight years of our home planet, in the grip of climatic turmoil, she found herself drawn to the sky, seeking answers and perhaps salvation among the stars. With their silent, steadfast glow, they offered her a respite, an alluring enigma that satiated her insatiable curiosity.

Now, many months into the mission, the cabin of the Ouroboros had become Nova’s universe, her purpose, her cross to bear. Her formidable task was not for the faint-hearted. She was to pry open the cryptic enigma that is deep space, and unravel the mysteries that lie beyond. As the final testament of a planet facing its demise, she bore the weight of her mission and the hope of all humanity. It was an almost certainly suicidal endeavor - she had long since lost hope of finding answers, but her sense of duty kept her from quitting.

Then, it happened.

As the Ouroboros drifted through the inky blackness, a faint, pulsing signal began to emanate from a distant point in the void. It was a cosmic whisper, unheard of in the annals of human knowledge. It called to Nova, beckoning her to investigate. As she approached the source of the signal, a sense of foreboding washed over her. She had trained for this moment, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something monumental was about to happen.

Nova’s heart raced as she drew nearer to the signal. The Ouroboros shuddered and groaned as if the very fabric of space-time was tearing apart around her. The darkness surrounding the ship seemed to deepen, pressing in on her from all sides. It was as if she had entered the heart of a black hole, the universe bending and warping around her.

Suddenly, everything went black.

For a moment, Nova was suspended in an abyss of nothingness, her mind reeling in the absence of all sensation. It was a terrifying, disorienting experience that left her gasping for breath. But as she struggled to regain her bearings, she began to perceive a faint speck of light in the distance.

The speck grew larger and larger, expanding until it filled her entire field of vision. It was a brilliant white, so intense it was almost blinding. As Nova stared into it, she could make out shapes beginning to materialize within the light. Slowly, the blur and haze began to dissipate, revealing two large, familiar forms.

Those were hands. Human hands, reaching out towards her from the heart of the light. The hands continued approaching, drawing nearer and nearer until they were all Nova could see.

Suddenly, there was a cry - a wail that pierced the silence, a sound filled with life and energy. It was a baby’s cry. In that instant, Nova understood.

The Ouroboros mission had not been about reaching out to the stars or discovering the origins of the universe. It was about rebirth, the cycle of life and death on a cosmic scale. Somehow, she had been transported through space and time, her journey through the void leading her back to the very moment of her own birth.

The cosmic forces that had guided her on this incredible journey had given her a second chance at life and, with it, the opportunity to start anew. For Nova, the end of her mission marked the beginning of a new story, one that would unfold across the vast expanse of time and space. And as she gazed up into her mother’s eyes, the universe seemed to hold its breath, waiting to see what she would make of this extraordinary gift.

New life takes first breath,
Echoing through time and space,
Starborn child of Earth.

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