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Preslav Rachev
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The Big Thing in Unix

·2 mins

The big thing in Unix was the realization that instead of building large monolithic systems, one could build smaller programs which could communicate with each other.

Consistent > Idiomatic

·2 mins

As a software engineer, I’ve learned that consistency in code is crucial for the long-term success of a project, even when it means deviating from idiomatic principles.

Never Did. Never Will.

·1 min

20 years ago: Use a fat and complex persistence framework on top of the DB, because we might switch DBs in the future…

Book Review: Zero To Production In Rust

·4 mins

Luca Palmieri’s book, Zero To Production in Rust is a great guide for those looking to learn Rust by building an email newsletter-sending Web service from scratch. The book is full of first-hand developer tips on how to set up one’s environment or what tools to use, and goes beyond explaining the usual steps one can find in the official documentation.