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Preslav Rachev

Here is a Kindle Scribe writing pro tip I wish more people knew about. Most people (myself included) would instinctively go for using the pen tool at thickness level 2 (1 is simply way too thin, and 3 looks like a marker already). While the pen itself is not bad, it lacks the sort of pressure and tilt-induced thickness variation that makes handwriting authentic for me. One of the reasons I enjoy writing with a hand is because letters are never the same; they are not uniform, and this gives them a unique, humane touch. Moreover, for someone with a slight predilection for dyslexia, letters being different forces my brain to stay focused on the text.

Anyway, the trick here is to stop using the pen altogether. Instead, I use the marker at the thinnest level (level 1). This makes a world difference for me. I tried to illustrate it with a real example from my Scribe below. While the difference may not be immediately visible from the photo, if you try it, you’ll notice it right away.

A comparison between the pen and the marker set at the thinnest level

Credits #

I got this tip from Brandon Boswell’s review of the Scribe

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