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The Loneliness of Success

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I wrote this post as a response to an article I read yesterday.

Like the author, I have fallen many times into the trap of self-doubt, exclusion, and loneliness - the “luxuries” of modern work. And every time, it was my inner call to be a better human, not a better professional, then one that has helped me get out and move forward. This post is a reminder to all of us to choose ourselves, to seek meaningful connections, and to remember that our worth isn’t defined by external accolades but by the impact we make and the lives we touch.

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We chase it relentlessly – the high-paying job, the prestige of a big-name company, the allure of a city that promises endless opportunities. But what happens when we get there, and it feels… empty?

Getting caught in the trap of external validation is easy: the bigger paycheck, the corner office, and the recognition from peers. But at the heart of every endeavor, there’s a human seeking connection, meaning, and purpose.

It’s not uncommon to feel like just another cog in the machine in a world dominated by tech giants and bustling hubs. But remember, machines don’t innovate; humans do. Machines don’t feel; humans do. And machines certainly don’t connect on a deep, emotional level. Humans do. The challenge isn’t securing the next big role or moving to the next tech city. It’s in finding your tribe within that vast expanse. It’s in becoming a keystone not because of your coding skills but because of your ability to connect, lead, and bring a unique perspective.

When the allure of the new job fades, and the loneliness sets in, remember: it’s a dip, a momentary challenge before the upswing. Push through. Seek genuine connections. And most importantly, ship your art. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the job title or the city that defines you, but the impact you make and the connections you forge.

Don’t wait for the world to recognize your worth. Choose yourself—every single day.

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