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The Show Will Continue After a Short COVID Interruption

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Stay tuned - we will be back after the break.

Photo: Nick Fewings

I have been reticent these last couple of weeks. The reason for this is that I barely had the energy for anything. I contracted COVID about two weeks ago. To be honest, I have no idea how or where, as I wear a mask pretty much everywhere and try to avoid rush hours and crowded spots. On the other hand, it became inevitable with so many new injections in Germany every day.

It started as a general feeling of tiredness and muscle soreness, which turned into a full-blown fever in a matter of a day. I had a relatively high temperature, sore throat, and coughs for a few days afterward. About five days later, I felt strong enough to do anything more than lie in bed and watch YouTube. I forgot to mention the strangest side effect-the first couple of days; I got zero sleep during the night simply because my body refused to let go. Funnily enough, I also did not feel any need for sleep in those first few days. I am sure, though, that that wouldn’t have lasted long.

Almost two weeks later, it’s mostly the dry cough and some occasional drops of energy that remained. I was told I need to be patient with those and that they will likely disappear in another week’s time.

I am sure that all the vaccines have saved my life. And yet, I think I had underestimated how much time recovering from COVID would take, even with some antibodies in the immune system. I can only cross my fingers for those going through it completely unprotected. My plea to everyone as always - please get the vaccines as soon as possible, and wear a mask indoors for as much as possible. This thing is not a toy!

Stay healthy and safe! Peace! ✌️

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