Longest Running Distance! (23.1km)

3 minute read

I did it! My longest running distance ever! And it was about time. I keep telling stories to everyone about how running saved my life, how I became a long-distance runner, how cool it is to have a healthy life full of adrenaline, etc. Yet, in reality, when was the last time I ran more than 20 km in one session? Must have been about a year ago. Now, I do believe in all things I mentioned before, and I do keep my running routine sacred. There is hardly a week without at least two 10K sessions, sometimes mo...

Weekly Notes (Feb 20th / Feb 26th, 2018)

3 minute read

I wasn’t very active this week. During the week, I was mostly busy with the usual company stuff. Just as I was making plans for the week, a terrible cold knocked me out for the bigger part of the last 48hrs. Therefore, this will be more of a bits-and-pieces post, with links and quotes from stuff my dizzying head noted down, at the times when I could keep myself awake enough to be able to read.

Weekly Notes (Feb 05th / Feb 12th, 2018)

4 minute read

A rather quiet week this time. I am happy that during the week, I managed to wake early enough every day, and add a bit of work to my personal projects.

Weekly Notes (Oct 30 / Nov 05, 2017)

less than 1 minute read

Tuesday Happy Halloween! Today and tomorrow are public holidays in Bavaria and we decided to use the time for a short day trip to the idyllic town of Regensburg, one and half hours north of Munich: