GitHub: The Bastion of Developer Independence

3 minute read

So, that’s it. GitHub was acquired by Microsoft. By the once defeated, changed, and re-incarnated, we-love-open-source, Microsoft. It seems like a logical move. Ironically, of most tech giants of the past decade, Microsoft somehow feels like the lesser evil, the choice you’d rather live with, when you weigh the alternatives:

Munich Startup Meetups: Ringside Talk #2

2 minute read

It has been a whole year since I’ve moved to Munich, and the opportunities that the city offers still don’t stop surprising me. Indeed, the startup community here may not have the media hype and the vibe of its Berlin counterpart. Yet, it is growing steadily, building a strong ecosystem of new players, backed up by and learning from the success of larger enterprises. An ecosystem, where teams help, and not mindlessly copy each other. An ecosystem, where people with various backgrounds and experience meet...