Data Science on Your iPad

7 minute read

This article is a follow-up transcription to a talk I recently gave at a local Munich machine learning meetup. Unlike my previous talk, this time I wanted to convey the idea of using an iPad for actively running data science experiments, as opposed to passively consuming information. I illustrated my point with a few example iOS applications I personally use on a daily basis, which I hope would be good starting points to get the audience interested in the idea. Being an iOS developer, who has once built ...

My First Machine Learning Talk

1 minute read

Yesterday, I gave my first-ever machine learning talk at a local meetup in Munich. For those who have been following my path to becoming a data scientist, this seems like something I couldn’t even imagine doing about a year ago.

Munich Startup Meetups: Ringside Talk #2

2 minute read

It has been a whole year since I’ve moved to Munich, and the opportunities that the city offers still don’t stop surprising me. Indeed, the startup community here may not have the media hype and the vibe of its Berlin counterpart. Yet, it is growing steadily, building a strong ecosystem of new players, backed up by and learning from the success of larger enterprises. An ecosystem, where teams help, and not mindlessly copy each other. An ecosystem, where people with various backgrounds and experience meet...