Introducing DevNotes

With a few short micro-post exceptions, my blog has been relatively quiet over the past month. The reason for this is simple. I have devoted much of my writing resources of the past weeks into a new site. A wiki called DevNotes.That is right, I have started a separate…

Blog style update:

This morning, I changed a few of the styles that display micro-posts. Thanks to reader feedback, I realized that people would often confuse micro-posts with quotes, so I removed the blockquote dependency, and instead tried to make micro-post styles more prominent. Hope that this improves the readability. As always, feedback is more than welcome.

TIL: When you play with CSS, less is always more!

I have started disrupting the "Medium effect" by building a "blogroll" the good old way - simply linking to blogs of friends that I follow. The first ones to get on board are George Ho, Nikita Tonsky, and John Sundell. I will be adding more and more as time goes by.

With time, I am planning to add some more automation and clever aggregation of great content. I have a few surprises in the hat, but first things first, let's build a network of connected blogs. I'd be glad and honored, if anyone shows interest in my blog and links to it.

This weekend, I moved this blog in what seems a small design step, but a serious milestone forward. I added the possibility to write micro-posts, or just about anything that is simply a passing thought, perhaps a sentence requiring no sentence whatsoever.

Not every post can, or even needs to be a few pages long, with a bunch of the research and heavy on media. Sometimes, the most ingenious messages hide in the simple, unfinished sentence.

Say hi to the first micro-post!

Comments on the Blog Are Now Powered by GitHub

I have wanted to move away from using Disqus for quite some time. Nothing personal against its service. Disqus is very popular among bloggers and works well, but it also adds a bunch of tracking scrips to every page it gets installed on. This seems too much to my taste,…