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Preslav Rachev

There are a few options to subscribe to the latest updates from this blog:

Using an RSS Feed #

if you have experience with RSS, you can grab the feed from here.

Via Email #

The easiest option is to simply register via email. I don’t call this a newsletter, because you will simply receive updates whenever a new blog post makes it online. Keep in mind that there may be two or three of those a week, depending on how fast my brain works or how much free time I have. If the frequency or the number of items seem too many, you can always communicate this to me via email and i will take a note to improve it.

NOTE: I use a self-hosted Ghost instance for sending out those emails. I am not in the business of selling or leaking your email address to 3rd parties, so you should have no worries. Still, you will be able to unsubscribe or get your data deleted at any time.