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Preslav Rachev

Photo: John Schnobrich

Below is a list of services I can offer to your business. Have a look, and do not hesitate to contact me, if you find any of them particularly interesting.

All-around CTO as a service #

I don’t like the term CTO, but it is probably the thing that most likely drove you here, so let’s stick with it. Here is what it is all about. Many small or starting businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) because doing so would deplete their budgets. On the other hand, we can all agree that having someone with technical experience on board, someone who can help steer a fresh new product to market or get the ship back on track, is precious.

This is precisely what I am offering - being that person for a pre-defined amount of time and with a pre-defined budget to work.


  • Identifying and assessing the feasibility of new digital products and services.
  • Developing of initial proofs of concept (PoCs) for new products and services.
  • Building a technical team around the business’ new or existing products.
  • Identifying and removing performance and scalability bottlenecks from existing products and services.

Software development / knowledge management trainer #

With more than 12 years of professional experience, I am now paying it forward to the next generation of knowledge workers. Whether a new programming paradigm, best practices for developing maintainable code, or tooling and techniques for efficient knowledge management, I can help your team, class, or community get to the next level in their career advancement.

Technical book writer / editor. A writing enthusiast #

Writing has been a big part of my life and is in part, what drove me to where I am. I “wrote” my first “book” at four. Being able to read and write barely, I scrapped together a short story that my childish imagination came up with, laid it out in a “booklet,” and gave it to my mom as a present.

Childhood memories aside, I have been writing things on and about the Internet ever since I heard the term blogging back in 2004.

In 2021, I finally decided to try a bigger challenge: self-publish a small book on a technical topic. This is how “Generative Art in Go” came to be. Unlike how traditional books are being written, I created the book to function more like a service instead - constantly updating, always changing, never officially reaching an end. I am currently working on a couple more books using the same book-as-a-service (BaaS) concept.

How can this benefit you? If you are writing a book and looking for an editor or a co-author, I can help you out. Perhaps, you have the idea but don’t want to write the book yourself? I can take over the writing part. If interested, you know where to find me.