My Projects

My Projects

Ever since I wrote my first line of code in the 90s, I have been tinkering and coming up with ideas on how to make the Internet a better place. Here is a short list of things I have created or helped create throughout the years (in reverse chronological order):

Note: The list is still being updated


Murmel: Start making sense of your Twitter stream
Get the hottest news stories shared by your Twitter friends without stress or missing out on anything.
If you have time to read (without skimming) only one good article a day, it should be one of the 10 we'll send to your inbox.

Murmel was born out of a simple idea: dip into the Twitter stream and find the best out of what's currently happening. Too much of what we find on social media is one-sided and optimized for fast consumption. At Murmel, we believe now more than ever, there is a growing need for finding objective and informative content.

By tapping into the social stream, Murmel finds the content that large groups of people are talking about and passes them for content inspection. We mix AI and human (as in, the human writing this sentence) selection to deliver the best of the best (and only the best).


3by3: Three Questions. Three Answers. Three Podcasts

3by3 is a fun way of discovering podcasts by answering three simple questions.

Born out of a desire to introduce the magic of podcasting to more people, 3by3 is a fun way of discovering podcasts. Whether you're looking for new topics to fuel your commute, or just want a better way to stay up-to-date on news and current events, 3by3 will present you a list of suggested podcasts on the go.

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