Project Showcase: PodRadio

Project Showcase: PodRadio

PodRadio breaks the traditional model of podcasting by removing the need to subscribe to a feed. Instead, it bundles up episodes from different feeds and shows, based on the user's interests.

The first version of PodRadio was written in Go and using Svelte on the frontend. This was at the time when I was just picking up Elixir and Phoenix, and decided to give Phoenix a try. It was the best decision I've ever made. Not only did I manage to rewrite all the originial functionality in just a couple of weeks - I also added a few new ones I had stuck on for weeks on end. PodRadio was a battle test for Elixir and Phoenix and the work on it convinced me to choose the stack for four other projects. It was a really worthy investment!

Betting on Elixir and Phoenix was a worthy inverstment!

The rest of the stack is pretty "boring". A plain old PodtgreSQL database (because, why would ever need another) and an ElasticSearch instance powering the search. Oh yeah, all of that nicely stuffed inside Docker containers running in a swarm and load balanced / proxied by a Caddy instance.

Give it a try!