Do You Even GDPR?

I believe I do. I don’t really intend on collecting any information about who you are in the foreseeable future. No cookies, trackers, analytics scripts, signup forms. Nada. Said simply, I really don’t care who you are, what you do, and what brought you here, as long as you enjoy your stay. Period.

That said, I used to have Google Analytics on my site, but I removed it and put my entire account for deletion. If user analytics don’t belong to you or me, why should they belong to Google anyway?

This site is 100% organic, ehm 100% open-source. Open, as in O…P…E…N. It is hosted on GitHub, and you can see 100% of the visible and invisible content, as well the code that sits behind it, when changes are made (including changes to this page), etc.

My blog uses SSL, because I believe that encrypted communication on the Web should be the default. As I already mentioned above, I am not collecting data from you or about you, but some added privacy never hurts, so here you have it.

Don’t you care about metrics?

The only metric I care about, is your giving a damn about my writing and my work.

Don’t you want to monetize this blog?

Yes, indirectly. This blog reflects who I am and what I do. If what i write is read by others, it will in one way or another open the door to potential opportunities and new things to work on. If it comes to that, I might consider some non-ad extra sources of monetizing in the future, but I will never take any step without asking readers for their explicit consent.

If I haven’t bored you enough, and you kept reading until this point, you might as well get in touch with me on Twitter.