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Pandas Cheatsheet

1 minute read

NOTE: This post is an ongoing collection of tips and tricks I have learned around my work with Pandas. It is a live document, intended to remain in progress forever, as I keep-adding more and more things to it. You can share your personal tips and tricks in the comments below, or on my blog’s subreddit.

Weekly Notes (Oct 30 / Nov 05, 2017)

less than 1 minute read

Tuesday Happy Halloween! Today and tomorrow are public holidays in Bavaria and we decided to use the time for a short day trip to the idyllic town of Regensburg, one and half hours north of Munich:

Properties in Swift: How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the Foot

2 minute read

Swift provides several constructs which make writing code a more fluid experience, with less boilerplate. Sometimes this succinctness of syntax comes at a potential cost though. One such aspect are properties, and more specifically, property initialisation. A small difference in the syntax might result in unnecessary memory consumption, unexpected state inconsistencies, etc. Those might remain unnoticed when the project is still small and reappear at a later stage, when the project is large enough to mak...

Testing React Native Applications Part I: Jest

4 minute read

When I started with React Native not long ago I was frustrated by the overwhelming amount of irrelevant information on how to test React applications. React is known to evolve fast, often introducing breaking changes, so this should not be surprising to most developers. Still, the amount of deprecated content out there leaves a sort of a bad feeling, especially among developers who have just started working with React or RN.