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[Pandas] Finding a Row Where One of Its Values Is at a Minimum/Maximum

1 minute read

Often, we will want to get to get a specific row, which marks the minimum or maximum of one of its columns. Let’s suppose we have the SF Salaries dataset from Kaggle. We want to find the employee name, with the largest total pay benefits. The experience with writing NumPy/Pandas filter conditions will quickly let us produce the following version:

Weekly Notes (Feb 05th / Feb 12th, 2018)

4 minute read

A rather quiet week this time. I am happy that during the week, I managed to wake early enough every day, and add a bit of work to my personal projects.

My Thoughts on React Native

8 minute read

UPDATE Feb 17th, 2018: Though not a part of this article, it is worth noting that Facebook changed the licensing of React Native to MIT yesterday. This should come as a relief to many and would certainly increase the library’s commercial adoption even further: