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Weekly Notes (Feb 20th / Feb 26th, 2018)

3 minute read

I wasn’t very active this week. During the week, I was mostly busy with the usual company stuff. Just as I was making plans for the week, a terrible cold knocked me out for the bigger part of the last 48hrs. Therefore, this will be more of a bits-and-pieces post, with links and quotes from stuff my dizzying head noted down, at the times when I could keep myself awake enough to be able to read.

One Thing You Should Know When Trading Altcoins Against BTC or ETH

2 minute read

When trading an altcoin against BTC or ETH, remember that looking at charts’ face-values is not going to depict the entire picture, unless you apply certain normalization. The problem is that both parties involved are highly speculative. Unlike fiat currencies, which express high volatility under extreme circumstances (say, a war, or a financial crisis), their crypto siblings move double digits in a single day. This is caused by the fact that the cryptocurrency market is, for the most part, still a zero-...

[Pandas] Finding a Row Where One of Its Values Is at a Minimum/Maximum

1 minute read

Often, we will want to get to get a specific row, which marks the minimum or maximum of one of its columns. Let’s suppose we have the SF Salaries dataset from Kaggle. We want to find the employee name, with the largest total pay benefits. The experience with writing NumPy/Pandas filter conditions will quickly let us produce the following version:

Weekly Notes (Feb 05th / Feb 12th, 2018)

4 minute read

A rather quiet week this time. I am happy that during the week, I managed to wake early enough every day, and add a bit of work to my personal projects.