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My 5-Minute GDPR Explanation

4 minute read

Disclaimer: this post expresses my personal opinion, which might not necessarily match the ones of past and current employers, clients, or business partners. It is also subjective and might contain assumptions which are factually not correct. Please, always refer to the official documentation, and let me know if I need to add corrections.

Platform Types in Kotlin

2 minute read

Having worked a bit with Kotlin, I assume that you must have met the ? and !! operators by now. In case you haven’t, I’d suggest that you bookmark this post and come again once you have gained a little more experience with the basics of the language.

Procast App Review: My New Favorite Podcasting App

3 minute read

I am a podcast addict. Unlike the typical podcast listener, I spend a good portion of my day (mostly while commuting, walking, running, doing house chores, etc) listening to one of the close to a hundred different podcasts I’m subscribed to. When you get to that state of heavy podcast listening, you quickly realize that you need something more out of the stock Podcasts app.

Weekly Notes (Feb 20th / Feb 26th, 2018)

3 minute read

I wasn’t very active this week. During the week, I was mostly busy with the usual company stuff. Just as I was making plans for the week, a terrible cold knocked me out for the bigger part of the last 48hrs. Therefore, this will be more of a bits-and-pieces post, with links and quotes from stuff my dizzying head noted down, at the times when I could keep myself awake enough to be able to read.