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My First Machine Learning Talk

1 minute read

Yesterday, I gave my first-ever machine learning talk at a local meetup in Munich. For those who have been following my path to becoming a data scientist, this seems like something I couldn’t even imagine doing about a year ago.

How to Create a New Empty Branch for a New Project

less than 1 minute read

Sometimes, you might need branches in your git repositories, which are off the track of the main repository timeline. You want to store specific files there, and none of the original files, stored across your master and other feature branches. Luckily, git comes with an option called orphan branch. An orphan branch is basically like a store on its own, with its own history. You can delete all the existing files inside an orphan branch, and this won’t affect their state across master and other branches at...

Sixtuslauf Schliersee (Half-Marathon)

2 minute read

Yesterday, I took part in this year’s seventh edition of the Sixtuslauf at Schliersee in Bavaria. Still excited by the good tempo I managed on the track last year, I prepped up for a relatively close finish time this year, hopefully, even better. Things did not happen exactly the way I had hoped for, and as a result, my pace this year got almost a minute per km slower. Nevertheless, I am more than happy that I finished, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who shared the run with me and cheered at th...

Longest Running Distance! (23.1km)

3 minute read

I did it! My longest running distance ever! And it was about time. I keep telling stories to everyone about how running saved my life, how I became a long-distance runner, how cool it is to have a healthy life full of adrenaline, etc. Yet, in reality, when was the last time I ran more than 20 km in one session? Must have been about a year ago. Now, I do believe in all things I mentioned before, and I do keep my running routine sacred. There is hardly a week without at least two 10K sessions, sometimes mo...