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Embracing the Future

5 minute read

Dominik Wagner (a.k.a. @monkeydom) published an article a few days ago, called On my misalignment with Apple’s love affair with Swift.

GitHub: The Bastion of Developer Independence

3 minute read

So, that’s it. GitHub was acquired by Microsoft. By the once defeated, changed, and re-incarnated, we-love-open-source, Microsoft. It seems like a logical move. Ironically, of most tech giants of the past decade, Microsoft somehow feels like the lesser evil, the choice you’d rather live with, when you weigh the alternatives:

Introducing My New Pet Project: Should I HODL

7 minute read

My crypto-obsession from last year might have died down a little, but I still remain a long-term investor and a believer of decentralization. Moreover, it was predicting the crypto market’s next move that made dust off some of my old machine learning experiments and gave a fresh boost to my mission of becoming a data scientist. Though one could hardly hear me speak about this coin or that, I am still actively researching and building tools.

Using Travis for Secure Building and Deployment to GitHub

2 minute read

Travis is an incredibly useful tool for the open-source community. Its main purpose is to execute test suites and ensure the stability of the repository being under observation. Due to its generic execution nature, it can however be used creatively for many other tasks:

My First Machine Learning Talk

1 minute read

Yesterday, I gave my first-ever machine learning talk at a local meetup in Munich. For those who have been following my path to becoming a data scientist, this seems like something I couldn’t even imagine doing about a year ago.