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Data Science on Your iPad

7 minute read

This article is a follow-up transcription to a talk I recently gave at a local Munich machine learning meetup. Unlike my previous talk, this time I wanted to convey the idea of using an iPad for actively running data science experiments, as opposed to passively consuming information. I illustrated my point with a few example iOS applications I personally use on a daily basis, which I hope would be good starting points to get the audience interested in the idea. Being an iOS developer, who has once built ...

TWIL Jul30-Aug05 2018

6 minute read

NOTE: TWIL (This Week I Learned) is a collection of interesting findings I discover on a week-by-week basis. Hosted and curated entirely on GitHub.

21K #4 (Self-Organized)

less than 1 minute read

This morning, I finished my fourth half marathon for this year. Technically, it was all self-organised, so it does not count as a real half-marathon, but hey, I did run the distance, didn’t I?

Setting up a Private Ethereum Test Network

5 minute read

I want to play around with a few Ethereum smart contracts, without spending real money before the final versions are ready. Thankfully, Ethereum has been designed in a way, allowing for the easy setup of new networks, especially private ones, which have no connection to the main net. I will try to explain the first steps here, both for myself, and for anyone else looking for an easy and safe way to play with Ethereum smart contracts.

Don’t Throw React Native Away Just Yet

6 minute read

The main reason why mobile developers get enticed by the cross-platform development capabilities of frameworks like React Native, is, of course, the ability to share code across platforms. A smaller, but no less important reason is the ability to build, debug, and refactor faster. Last but not least, such solutions often help broaden up the variety of tools, beyond the ones dictated by the platform vendor.