My Generative Artworks

Below is a small selection of my generative artworks, in no particular order:

My Story

I have never been particularly good at drawing, but at a very early age, I discovered the power that a simple algorithm can have when applied multiple times over. Like many kids of the late 80s and 90s, I started programming using BASIC, PASCAL, and C later on. All I wanted to do was develop games and all sorts of interactive stuff. Those were fun times.

As I was growing up, reason told me to think of my newly discovered skill of programming in a more business sense. Games gave way to forms and spreadsheets. Naturally, in Undergraduate school, I chose a Business degree to accompany my foray into computer science.

It wasn't until I came to Germany to pursue my Master's degree that my passion for digital art rekindled. I had a chance to be a student of the great Frieder Nake while doing my Master's degree. That was how I discovered Generative Art and the Processing language.

After graduating from my Master's, my reason prevailed once again. I came back to the well-beaten path of Web and Enterprise application software development, but this time, I kept my artistic passion closer.

About a couple of years ago, I picked up the Go programming language, primarily due to its natural fit for my day job - easy development of CLI tooling, HTTP servers, and infrastructure. I had an instant flashback to the days when I programmed in C as a kid. I decided to prove to myself and others that this tiny language can deliver more than what most programmers get out of it. Naturally, I started pushing pixels with it.