So You Want to Talk?


I assume you are here, because you are trying to reach out to me with an exciting opportunity. This is the right place to get in touch!

Before we start, I would like to encourage you to learn more about me and check out my professional development on my LinkedIn or XING.

I am generally interested to hear about new opportunities, but since I am quite busy at work, my time for a phone call is limited. I decided instead to help you further by writing a few things about myself, and what I am looking for. This can help you rule my profile out, if the opportunity does not meet my criteria. On the other hand, if it does, just reach me again, and we’ll talk.

Much about me you already know. I am a professional Java developer with several years of experience as a backend developer. I usually learn about new technologies quickly, which is how I became a full-stack developer. I’ve recently expanded my horizons from a pure backend perspective to mobile on one side, and DevOps on the other. I am also currently working on strengthening my project management skills as well.

My real passion however, has always been working with data and extracting knowledge out of it. In one way or another, I have strived to find opportunities during my career, where my interest for the science of taming data would be encouraged and challenged with interesting problems. Though I have been fortunate enough to have worked on features and systems where this was mission-critical, I have had to pursue understaning the formal principles of data science mostly on my own. Through self-learning and experimentation, I have acquired substantial knowledge and experience over the past couple of years, but I believe that the way ahead is still long and full of exciting problems to solve. Therefore, I am open to hear about any opportunity, which would help me get to the next level in my mission of becoming a data science engineer.

What I can offer

I am a voracious learner and a passionate initiator. I love brainstorming ideas, building things, questioning how existing things are built, and finding ways to make them work better. When I am passionate about the things I work on, everyone around can feel it in a positive way. I try to inspire, motivate, and elate the people I work with. If laughter is an undesired thing in your company, you’d rather not bother calling.

Of course, like with most passionate individials, my biggest strength is also my biggest weakness. With every project, there comes a stage when I feel the need to target my passion onto a new feature or project. Otherwise, my energy subsides. Throughout the years, I have managed to find a balance between my passions and my duties as a professional, yet, since my passion is what drives me forward as an individual, it is important to get this straight from the beginning.

Where your opportunity comes into place

Ideally, your opportunity offers enough freedom and autonomy over projects. I’d love to be able to use my software architecture skills and knowledge. As I already mentioned, I generally prefer working on new things, picking up the bare idea, and turning it into a working product.

Second, I hope that projects have to do with data, and making your way around them. I usually avoid anything that has to do purely with online analytics and ads though. I am rather looking for projects that have measurable, physical impact onto the world we all live in (passion, heh).

Last, but not least, I am looking for a flexible working culture. Nothing stiff, as in being in the office every day, participating in a hundred bureaucratic meetings, just to keep protocol. Neither, so free that you can’t get to meet a real human being for months. Just right in the middle. The possibility for direct communication in every direction, as well as roughly 25-30% remote working/home office is the ideal mix that I am looking for. I highly believe in trusting individuals by giving them their freedom over time and place. Anything else is just an excuse for a working process that cries for some disruption. If you disagree with me, I encourage you to have a look at this TED Talk.

Does your opportunity have all of that? Please, fill out the form below:

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