Christmas Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway

2020 was a harsh year, but we shall end it in a happy note, looking towards a better future. That's why, I would like to send one of you a favorite book of mine - Rob Fitzpatrick's 'The Mom Test'. In case you haven't read it, this tiny book will open your eyes about many things you have probably done wrong in your pitches so far. It certainly did for me.

What you will get

A randomly chosen subscriber will receive a digital, DRM-free copy of the book (from Gumroad) in a language of their preference (English, Russian, German, French available).

The draw will take place on Dec 25th, 2020. Depending on your time zone, one of you will receive an email from me notifying them of their win. For everyone else, I will make sure to update the page as soon as the draw has been done.

How to participate

Are you already a member of the site?

No need to do anything, really. You have already done more than enough, by letting me and my site in your busy daily life. You are in for the draw!

For everyone else

All you need to do in order to participate is to hit the "Subscribe" button below.

For those of you wary of too many newsletters fighting for their attention, I would like to begin by saying that I know exactly how you feel. I am not doing this to spam people, the same way I don't want to get spammed myself. Neither am I in the business of selling email addresses. My one and only goal with this is to find like-minded people, whom I can help build great things. Still, I will completely understand if you decide to unsubscribe during or after the giveaway. This is your absolute right, and I respect it fully.

That said, happy holidays, y'all. And good luck! 🎅🎄❄️