There are certain podcasts, which I’ve mostly listened to while running. The thing is, every time I listen to any of them while not running, my mind immediately shifts back to the trail. I guess, this makes me a slightly more developed version of Pavlov’s Dog 😂

My Baby Steps with Go

Last week, I made my first tentative foray into Go programming. My company uses Go in a couple of projects, but although I have heard many positive things about the language, so far I have tried to stay away from it. The mere thought that Go is a 21st Century…

Blog style update:

This morning, I changed a few of the styles that display micro-posts. Thanks to reader feedback, I realized that people would often confuse micro-posts with quotes, so I removed the blockquote dependency, and instead tried to make micro-post styles more prominent. Hope that this improves the readability. As always, feedback is more than welcome.

TIL: When you play with CSS, less is always more!

Re: Talk, Then Code

My response to Talk, then code by Dave Cheney:I cannot emphasize how important communication is in today's IT industry. In fact, if they paid me a penny for every time I have hurt someone's ego over code, I would be a millionaire. It is not pleasant. I know, I…

I have started disrupting the "Medium effect" by building a "blogroll" the good old way - simply linking to blogs of friends that I follow. The first ones to get on board are George Ho, Nikita Tonsky, and John Sundell. I will be adding more and more as time goes by.

With time, I am planning to add some more automation and clever aggregation of great content. I have a few surprises in the hat, but first things first, let's build a network of connected blogs. I'd be glad and honored, if anyone shows interest in my blog and links to it.

This weekend, I moved this blog in what seems a small design step, but a serious milestone forward. I added the possibility to write micro-posts, or just about anything that is simply a passing thought, perhaps a sentence requiring no sentence whatsoever.

Not every post can, or even needs to be a few pages long, with a bunch of the research and heavy on media. Sometimes, the most ingenious messages hide in the simple, unfinished sentence.

Say hi to the first micro-post!

Medium Has Become All About Publications

If you are writing your first Medium post, eagerly hoping that you would earn an overnight readership you the thousands, you can simply forget it. This is most certainly not what is going to happen. That is, unless you are willing to submit your post to a publication.…