I love working with Go and Elixir! Do you as well? Let's talk!

I am a software engineer with around a decade behind my back, developing data-intensive software systems and applications. I have recently started work on my independent business, focusing on education (books, courses, etc) and building my own products and services. I am also helping small teams bring their ideas to market. If you are in need of technical guidance or mentoring, feel free to get in touch.

Over the past decade, I have built technical expertise in many different fields, but I found three particular stacks that I tend to stick to. The mix between Go/Elixir on the backend, combined with Svelte on the frontend, makes for a super productive setup that allows me to prototype ideas quickly and easily scale to production-grade services.

I am an avid reader, a distance runner, and a hobby musician.

Being a genuinely curious individual, I always keep an eye on challenging problems I could help solve. If yours is one of those, Iā€™d love to hear from you. Want to get in touch? No problem! Find me on Twitter. Follow right away or send me a direct message. I am also on GitHub, Medium, and LinkedIn.

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