Hi there 👋🏼 My name is Preslav

I am a Java/Python double agent with over 10 years of cumulative programming experience (both in industry and academia). I love open-source software, making music, writing, and distance running.

My Journey Into Data Engineering/Science

For the better part of the last couple of years, I have begun shifting my future path towards becoming a data scientist. From a very early stage dating back to my Uni-days, I have been fascinated by the vastness of unpolished, raw data that surrounds us. Empowered by my childlike curiosity and passion for problem-solving, I have set out on a mission of helping discover things, which could one day change our world for the better (still making baby steps, but my dreams are big 🚀).

Besides, I have lots of hobbies and love tinkering with stuff, and making see new things materialize out of my ideas. Whether programming is involved, or not, I have a high passion for solving problems and discovering unexplored territories.

And this is where the typical software developer story ends...

There are two very powerful forces within myself. The one is the diligence of slowly building things up with patience. The other - my incredible passion for branching off from the beaten path, and moving forward, by constantly challenging the status quo. The one keeps me grounded in my set of strong principles. The other challenges me to go beyond what I know and what I can. Though it might seem impossible to keep those two at peace, over the years, I have managed to get them achieve a state of supporting each other. This unique symbiosis is what makes me who I am.

Whether behind the keyboard, on the running trail, or with a guitar in the hands, I love jumping into challenges of all sorts. If you want to learn more about me, drop me an email or find me on Twitter.

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