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Preslav Rachev

Image Credits: Austin Kirk / Unsplash

Requirements shouldn’t be faceless mandates. They should come with a name tag.

Anonymity breeds complacency. When a requirement is attributed to an entire department, the collective identity masks the individual fallibility, making it appear as an unchallengeable gospel.

The most dangerous requirements often come from people who seem smart and educated. Their reputation precedes them, creating an aura that discourages questioning. This is a trap. Intelligence doesn’t equate to infallibility.

The solution is simple: thoroughly scrutinize every demand. Know who’s behind it. Ask for a name and challenge every requirement until proven otherwise. The goal isn’t to undermine authority but to refine ideas, ensuring that what gets implemented is not just a mandate but a well-thought-out directive.

After all, a requirement is only as strong as the scrutiny it can withstand.

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