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Effective Immediately, I Cancelled My Medium Partner Program Participation

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As most of you writing or reading Medium articles are aware of, Medium has this thing called its Partner Program. It allows people to earn a few cents each time their articles have been read by others. However, it also presents a serious paywall to those who are not able to pay for it — something that is (in my view) against the openness of the Web. If you want to sell your content (like I do), do it with the clearest intention that you want people to pay for your efforts. Don’t just entice people to come over to your site, only to realize that only a few can actually see the content.

Anyway, it turns out that I have been a member of that Partner Program for a couple of years. After looking at the earnings from Medium over those couple of years, I realized that the couple hundred dollars (in total) I’ve actually received from Medium in payouts are negligible in comparison with the impact that my content may be having to some of you.

Which is why everything you see on my Medium profile as of today is 100% free of charge and available to read.

Peace! ✌️

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