Enable Dark Mode for iOS Apps That Don’t Have It

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One of my favorite handwriting apps on the iPad is called Nebo.

‎Nebo: Notes & PDF Annotations
‎Meet Nebo, the award-winning digital notebook! Create beautiful notes, handwrite professional reports, sketch ideas on an infinite canvas and annotate existing documents. With its world-beating AI, Nebo understands every word you write. Nebo for iPad is the ONLY note-taking app that makes handwrit…

Nebo offers a fantastic mix between handwritten and typed text, treating both as equal counterparts. Add to that the smart handwriting gestures and you get a powerful writing and editing tool where you can write professional documents using only a stylus or an Apple Pencil.

Nebo's main drawback is the lack of a dark theme. This makes it hard for me to use it at times when I feel most creative (late nights or early mornings). Despite my numerous pleas, the team is still focusing on other (and probably, justifiably so) features. I was assured that a dark theme is on the roadmap, but no one can say exactly when.

Luckily, anyone can "enable" an automatic dark mode for any app available for iOS and iPadOS. I was happy to find that out the other day. iOS offers a way to invert the colors of any app in a smart way (won't invert images, only text and he elements). This is considered an accessibility feature, so it needs to be enabled manually.

Thankfully, this is pretty straightforward. All one needs to do is to open
"Settings" and scroll down to the bottom until one sees the "Per-App Settings) page.

This then allows one to choose any available app and add specific accessibility settings just for it. The one we need is called "Smart Invert."

That's it! From now on every time we open the chosen app, it will run with its colors automatically invested.

Finally, I can use my favorite Nebo whenever I feel most creative. By the way, this post was written entirely by hand:)