Take Better Screenshots With Shottr

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Take Better Screenshots With Shottr

I take a lot of screenshots and screen-grabs throughout the day. It's one of the best forms of communication when you are building products and working remotely. Many of my screenshots require a little bit of touching before I can send them further. Whether removing unnecessary bits, blurring sensitive information, or decorating with arrows and notes, it's always helpful to have a tool that allows me to do all these things with ease.

While macOS supports taking screenshots and pasting them in Preview, I find the process a little tedious for my taste. I previously used an app called MonoSnap, but it took the enterprise route, so I started looking for an alternative. Luckily, I found Shottr.

Shottr – screenshot app for pixel professionals
Shottr is a free macOS screenshot app with scrolling screenshots, OCR, annotation and measurement instruments.

Shottr is a fantastic replacement for MonoSnap, which is still free and in active development. It misses a couple of handy features from MonoSnap, like the ability to just drag a file from the app and drop it anywhere else. However, I am sure that this is something that will be available in the app very soon.

Update (Oct 07th, 2021): Indeed, with the latest release of the app (v.1.5.1 at the time of this post), one can drag and drop screenshots between Shottr and other apps.

I encourage everyone to give it a try and share their feedback with its makers.