Book Giveaway: Zero to Sold

5 Kindle Copies of "Zero to Sold" for five new subscribers to my newsletter.

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Book Giveaway: Zero to Sold

Update: July 01, 2021

The giveaway is now over. Stay tuned for the next one.


I am giving away five (5) free Kindle copies of Arvid Kahl's book "Zero to Sold" to enthusiastic readers of this blog. All you have to do to qualify is:

  1. Join the readership of this blog. Use the inbox icon in the right-hand corner, or this link to sign up. I am trying to do whatever I can to not spam my readers, but before joining, have a look at some of the stuff I have sent around so far. Don't feel pressurized to join only because of the free swag.
  2. Use the Tweet button below 👇🏼  to let me (and the author) that you'd like to get the book. The first five people who do both steps will get an email (and/or Twitter DM) from me.
  3. That's it!


I am a big fan of Arvid Kahl and his work. His book, "Zero to Sold" was among the ones that pushed me to leave a decade of jobs behind and start pursuing my dreams.

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A big portion of how envision my dream life revolves around giving back and sharing what I have learned and sharing what I have learned with others.  I have been meaning to give away copies of "Zero to Sold" for quite some time. So, it was only natural that when I saw Arvid's tweet this morning, my hands instinctively started preparing this page.