Developer Tip: Tailwind Play

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Developer Tip: Tailwind Play

Tailwind Play is an online playground for Tailwind CSS that allows for prototyping and sharing Tailwind mock-ups. It is perfect for situations where you'd like to modify some existing Tailwind-based UI but don't want to run an entire application or create a scratch project just for playing around.

For example, yesterday, I saw a few things I wanted to tweak on an ongoing project's UI. Still, I only had a limited amount of time, so I ripped off the component's HTML with the Inspector, pasted it in a new Play session, and saved it for later use.

Yes, one Play session can be saved for later edits or shared across, pretty much as one can do with jsFiddle or CodePen. The nice touch here is that with Play, you get a fully-featured Monaco editor (think, VS Code in the browser) and all the necessary styles loaded out of the box. I am no stranger to working with VS Code through a browser, so I find the experience extremely welcoming.
Give it a try!