This Week in Elixir and Erlang #16

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #16

Hello and welcome to another exciting issue. I have great news to share. Due to popular demand, I will start sending future issues of This Week in Elixir and Erlang directly to your email inbox! I am about to email the current one to all subscribers later today (or early tomorrow). You can head straight over to the newsletter's page to subscribe.

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The good news aside, the not so good one is that I will need to reduce these issues' frequency. At least, in the beginning. Putting This Week in Elixir and Erlang together is an excellent way for me to keep up-to-date with the Elixir community, but it takes quite a lot of time. Between my (still) day job, my upcoming book, and setting up my own business, I need to find an optimal way to engage with the community and keep all the other things moving forward. I thought an easy way to do that is to reduce the frequency to once every two weeks for now. I hope that you guys will understand and keep supporting my efforts.

Back to the world of Elixir and Erlang.


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10 years(-ish) of Elixir - Dashbit Blog
We are celebrating 10 years since the first commit to what would become Elixir.
Have You Heard the Good News About Elixir? | X-Plane Developer
[This post is a “behind the scenes” look at the tech that makes up the X-Plane massive multiplayer (MMO) server. It’s only going to be of interest to programming nerds—there are no takeaways here for plugin devs or sim pilots.] In mid-2020, we launched massive multiplayer on X-Plane Mobile. This bro…
The best books to start, or improve your Elixir career
When you start your adventure with Elixir, you may wonder where to get the knowledge. In this article, I have prepared a list of books that may help you to become an Elixir programmer, or improve your career. This list has been split into different levels of skill.
PETAL Stack in Elixir - Thinking Elixir
The PETAL Stack is the combination of Phoenix + Elixir + Tailwind + Alpine + LiveView. For the right projects, this can be your competitive advantage.
PETAL, LiveView, and LAMP
Recently, Lars Wikman posted an interesting take on Thinking Elixir’s relatively new acronym called PETAL. It stands for Phoenix, Elixir, Tailwind, Alpine, and LiveView. As someone who has been…
Improving Testing & Continuous Integration in Phoenix - Phoenix Blog
A walk-through showing how we approach testing and CI for the Phoenix project and how recent changes have made this process much smoother
Combining authentication solutions with Guardian and Phx Gen Auth
Many web apps have both a web interface and an Json api. When the normal web app has a classic session based authentication, an API need something like Json Web Tokens to use for authenticate the requests. In those cases you want to make sure that the same user name and password works both solutio…
A guide to event handling in Elixir
Learn six different ways to implement event handling in Elixir and when to use each of them.
Renaming column and table in database migrations with Elixir and PostgreSQL
Deploying a new version of our application, with a migration which renames either column or table, on more than one node.
Scheduling jobs via GenServer. Part 1: Run at least once an hour (day/minute/etc)
Simple way to schedule a background job in Elixir with built-in feature of GenServer.
Top 5 Elixir Skills to Learn in 2021 [for Juniors] | Curiosum
In our short guide you will find the top skills and tutorials necessary to achieve success programming in Elixir in 2021 - especially for junior developers!
Using has_element?/3 for better LiveViewTest assertions
Devon C. Estes
Devon C. Estes
Orchestrating computer vision with Elixir at V7
A case study of how Elixir is being used at V7.
Working with Elixir Releases and performing CI/CD in containers
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