How to Bring That Volume Widget Back

I found my way of living in peace with macOS Big Sur's new Control Center

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How to Bring That Volume Widget Back

Whether you love it or hate it, macOS Big Sur is here to stay. Moreover, it is the first version of what looks like a future direction across Apple's entire ecosystem. I get it; the new UX might seem outlandish for many of those who have not worked extensively with the iPad. Even for someone who has worked extensively with the iPad for years, I gave it a few quizzical looks at the beginning while looking for my familiar things.

One of the significant design changes in Big Sur is the introduction of Control Center, known from iOS and iPadOS.

Use Control Center on Mac
On your Mac, get quick access to key macOS system settings using Control Center in the menu bar.

The idea was to help organize the multiple control widgets around the menu bar. That is cool for the most part, but I am so used to seeing my volume widget up in the menu bar that it irritated me quite a lot, having to make extra moves to get to it.

Thankfully, the above reference page shares one hidden gem. All of the boxes inside the Control Center are draggable. That said, you can quickly grab your beloved volume widget and drop it back on the menu bar.

It's easy as drag and drop.

I hope this quick tip helps others too.