This Week in Elixir and Erlang #12

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #12

Welcome to yet another edition of "This Week in Elixir and Erlang"!

Last week was a blast in every meaning of the word. As I disclosed in my latest blog post, I quit my day job and am preparing myself for a deep-dive into self-employment in 2021 (and hopefully, afterwards). It was a tough call, but I think it is finally time to focus on what inspires me the most - building things that help people, not just boost a KPI in a management report. I you, dear reader, have a project in the making or an idea that you want to turn into a business, let's chat.

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Other than the emotions around my future plans, I published my third interview of the "Elixir Community Voices" series:

My Journey With Elixir and Flow-Based Programming: Allan MacGregor
Elixir Community Voices is a series of interviews with the people behind the Elixir and Erlang community. If you are an individual or a team investing in the Elixir ecosystem, I would love to hear and share your story.

Chatting with Allan MacGregor was lots of fun and we touched upon some really interesting topics. Check it out, and give me a heads up if you have an Elixir story to tell.

Now, back to the Elixir world.

Community Voices


Randall Thomas on Learning Elixir and Why Community Matters
In today’s episode, Randall Thomas explains how a community that practices openness and which warmly welcomes its newer members leads to greater career happiness.


Best of Elixir Radar in 2020
As the editor of the Elixir Radar newsletter, I read lots of articles related to Elixir every single week. Along the year I read probably more than 700 articles, so I could curate the best ones and send them to Elixir Radar’s subscribers. In this article, I share the 11 most popular articles on Elix…
20 Years of Open Source Erlang: The OpenErlang Interviews | Erlang Solution blog
For the Erlang 20 year open source anniversary, we spoke to Whatsapp and AdRoll about how they use the technology and co-creators Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding.
3 Steps to Designing Better Data Structures
This article evaluates three different data structures that could be used to store the state of a Tic Tac Toe board, to figure out what makes good data structures tick.
How we made EventStore 2x to 4x+ faster - Moose Code Blog
Underjord | Elixir businesses doing well
Integrating travel with Elixir at Duffel
A case study of how Elixir is being used at Duffel.
The case for Elixir
Today I want to give you an introduction to the programming language Elixir, some of its features and why you might want to check it out!
5 Phoenix open source projects to study
Phoenix is a mostly well-documented and easy-to-follow web framework. But if you never worked on an Elixir app before, you might need a little guidance in structuring your first application and see some Phoenix patterns in the wild. Here are 5 open source projects on GitHub to study.
Elixir Findings: Asynchronous Task Streams
The other day I was solving an exercise that involved calculating the frequency of letters in multiple texts in parallel using only a specific number of “workers”. This same exercise…