This Week in Elixir and Erlang #11

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #11

Another week, another set of wonderful news and articles from the world of Elixir and Erlang!

A personal note from me. I will soon be open for new projects and collaboration. The way I envision it, is helping teams start with or solve their problems using Elixir. However, I am always open to settle in on a more long-term vision, if I like the people and the idea. Or, I could convince some of you to help me pivot PodRadio and turn it into a real product. There are man options. If you'd like us to talk, drop me an email or write me on Twitter.


Elixir Community Voices


Launchisode and Outlaws Takeover with Chris Keathley, Amos King, and Anna Neyzberg
Welcome to season five, ‘Adopting Elixir’. Today the Elixir Outlaws play host! The Elixir Wizards talk about what they love about Elixir, how they learned it, and their experiences using it at SmartLogic.
#024 LiveView Uploads with Chris McCord


A minimalist LiveView testing guide
The Road to the JIT
As long as Erlang has existed, there has always been the need and theambition to make it faster. This blog post is a history lesson thatoutlines the major Erlang implementations and attempts to improvethe performance of Erlang.
Pedro Assunção - Software Developer
Routing in Phoenix Umbrella Apps
Today, we’re diving into Phoenix umbrella applications to build a router that can route requests from multiple subdomains to different apps in our umbrella.
Choosing Elixir version manager
Exenv, Kiex or ASDF? What’s the difference?
Underjord | Wisps, a touch of whimsy
Planetary Scale Rust and Golang applications by embedding WebAssembly in Elixir
This blog post was heavily inspired by the Lunatic project and bkolobara’s blog post “Writing Rust the Elixir Way”. Compiling languages to WebAssembly is the next great-leap forward in software. With…
Running Erlang Releases without EPMD on OTP 23.1+ · Erlware Blog
Erlang/OTP deployments that want to provide shell access or cluster nodes relied on something called the Erlang Port Mapper Daemon (EPMD), a separate process th
Learn By Example: Understanding the ampersand in Elixir (capture operator)
Seeing the ampersand for the first time in Elixir I wanted to dig deep into whatit meant. The first & effectively either gets a reference to the originalfunction or starts an anonymous function. Any ampersand after the first thatreferences the positional argument passed to it. You could use this …
Brewing a Safer Elixir
Leverage Elixir’s core features in order to prevent unexpected errors at runtime.


The Open Source Firebase Alternative | Supabase
The Open Source Alternative to Firebase.
Event Sourcing and CQRS library in Elixir. Contribute to pedroassumpcao/incident development by creating an account on GitHub.
Waffle is an open-source file upload library for Elixir by Evrone
Waffle is an open-source file upload library supported by Evrone. You can use it for uploading files and images in Elixir programming language and Phoenix framework with straightforward integrations for Amazon S3 and ImageMagick.