Go Makes Art

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Go Makes Art

Those of you who have followed the blog for a long time will remember that some time ago, I expressed my intention to self-publish a book about graphics programming using the Go programming language. While the book idea gave way to more important priorities (job, life, etc), I never really stopped tinkering around with some Go sketches. I am a big fan of generative art, and still remember the days when Processing was my best friend in University. I guess, at a certain level, I wanted to rekindle my old passion for doing abstract algorithmic art by writing Go instead.

So, a couple of days ago, I posted these three pictures on Reddit:

I honestly expected a few nice words, but nothing much. Then r/golang exploded:

Inspired by other users posting graphics generated with Go, I decided to drop some of mine. from golang

Nice words all over! I was overwhelmed by the positive reaction. So many people willing to learn this craft and show the world that this language can do so much more than build HTTP servers and Cloud infrastructure. I decided to test the waters. I put up a form online, asking people to sign up if they'd be interested in a tiny paper-based guide that taught them how to do graphics like the above. 100 people signed up on the spot. By now, they are many more!

I decided to toss the hi-res originals of all three images on Gumroad, hoping that whoever buys them ($0.99 each) will see this as a contribution towards getting the course done. Compiling knowldge is a time-consuming endeavour, and while I don't intend on getting rich off of it alone, such contributions could possibly help set some time aside. Without pushing anyone to do it, and without promising too much, getting me a cup of coffee for in exchange for one of these wallpapers will mean a lot.

This story made me think about the original idea of the book, and how, while it may still be a far fetched idea, I could still deliver knowledge to people in a more bite-sized format.