This Week in Elixir and Erlang #9

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #9

Another week, another set of wonderful news and articles from the world of Elixir and Erlang! These past few days have been a blast for my tiny blog. I launched the second part of my Elixir Community Voices series, featuring Lars Wikman (a.k.a @lawik):

Elixir Community Voices: Lars Wikman
Elixir Community Voices is a series of interviews with the people behind the Elixir and Erlang community. If you are an individual or a team investing in the Elixir ecosystem, I would love to hear and share your story.

I want to thank the entire community for the kind words, and especially, Lars for the support and patience. As you know, this is an ongoing project, and everyone is welcome to come by and share their story. Also, don't forget to let me know, if you would like to get this newsletter via email as well.

Now, onto the interesting bits ...


Community Voices


TEP Episode Archive - Thinking Elixir
We talk with Patryk Bąk about running migrations in production. For production systems where downtime or service interruptions are a problem, we sometimes need to take special care when migrating data structures or the data itself. Patryk shares some valuable tips and techniques along with examples …


Phoenix LiveView Uploads Deep Dive - Phoenix Blog
A step-by-step deep dive into the new Phoenix LiveView uploads feature. We go from direct-to-server uploads to direct-to-cloud.
Real-time collaboration with Elixir at Slab
A case study of how Elixir is being used at Slab.
Circuit Breaker Pattern in Elixir - Allan MacGregor
Design for failure with the circuit breaker pattern
Understanding Elixir mocking with Mox
This post is clearing up confusions around mocking in Elixir. If you were ever confused about mocks and stubs in Elixir, I made it 100% clear for you.
Three Ways How To Run Elixir Script
How to call Swift 5.3 code from Elixir via NIF
The Mac series with the Apple Silicon M1 chip has been released. Weren’t you surprised by the amazing performance of it? I was also. I hoped we can use the wonderful power and Apple’s ecosystem for…
Building a Custom Page for Phoenix Live Dashboard
Gradually building a full-featured page to explore Tune sessions
Things I wish I can use in React/Javascript from Elixir
First, I would like to say that this is not a list of complaints but more of a wish list. I have no p...
Ecto order_by text field
Order query results with a text field using fragments


Introducing Caramel - An Erlang Backend for the OCaml compiler that provides a fast type-checker for BEAM-based technologies. | Erlang Solution blog
Caramel is an Erlang backend for OCaml’s type checker, offering a highly expressive, sound type-system, and a blazing fast type-checker. This allows you to rule out entire classes of errors by using types that are closer to your domain, and fearlessly refactor large amounts of code without sacrifici…