This Week in Elixir and Erlang #7

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #7

Another week, another set of wonderful news and articles from the world of Elixir and Erlang! Also, time for another shameless plug from me. I am on the hunt for new personal stories from the community for my Elixir Community Voices section. If you are an individual or a small team investing in Elixir / Erlang, I'd love to hear and tell your story. Feel free to drop me a short message.

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Elixir Community Voices


#020 LiveView v LiveWire, Alpine.js with Caleb Porzio


Phoenix Liveview And Web Components
We’ve been using Phoenix LiveView on several projects now and it’s safe to say we are pretty sold on its benefits. It lets us use Elixir to write our front end, but still get the high-performance interactivity we need. On most LiveView applications, there are typically cases where we want to bring i…
A first look at the JIT
Now that we’ve had a look at BEAM and the interpreter we’re going toexplore one of the most exciting additions in OTP 24: the just-in-timecompiler, or “JIT” for short.
Abstract Machines | Why Typing Erlang is Hard: Standard Erlang
Abstract Machines makes tools to think clearly.
Bringing the Matrix Protocol to Elixir
Niklas Long introduces the Matrix Elixir SDK.
Using Event Sourcing and CQRS with Incident - Part 1
Event Sourcing and CQRS are design patterns that are great for some domains. The Incident library will help implement them without compromising other parts of your application.
How to test HTTP requests in Elixir with ExVCR – Curiosum
Are you looking for a way to mock HTTP requests in Elixir tests? Check this post to meet ExVCR library!
Elixir Flavoured Erlang: an Erlang to Elixir Transpiler
Last year I was invited to ElixirConf Latin America in Colombia to give a talk,I proposed to also give a tutorial about Riak Coreand they said that it should be in Elixir, so I started looking into


Building Plausible: October 2020 recap
We experienced big growth in October, breaking our traffic and signup records once again. These numbers can be attributed to Marko who published three articles that landed on the front page of Hacker News. Here are the stats from last month:
Kry10 · Assurance Led Innovation


A visual tool to help developers understand Elixir recompilation in their projects - axelson/dep_viz