This Week in Elixir and Erlang #6

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #6

Hello, dear wizards and welcome to the "spooky" Halloween 🎃 edition of "This Week in Elixir and Erlang". If you have the time to check out only one article this week, let it be Lars Wikman's "The BEAM marches forward". It's an absolute must-read and something you could directly recite to a potential client or manager, if they ever ask "why should we invest in Elixir?".

Underjord | The BEAM marches forward

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Gleam v0.12 and Gleam OTP v0.1 released! 🎃 – Gleam
The Gleam programming language

Community Voices


EMx 113: Lumen with Luke Imhoff


Underjord | The BEAM marches forward
Delivering social change with Elixir at
A case study of how Elixir is being used at
A closer look at the interpreter
In my previous post we had a look at BEAM, and now that we’re more familiarwith it it’s time for us to look at the reference implementation: theinterpreter.
How we verify webhooks - Dashbit Blog
Shows how to sign and verify HTTP requests with Elixir. This is useful for webhooks and communications between servers on the Web.
BLE + Elixir
My absolute favorite part of Elixir/Erlang is Binary Pattern Matching[].While working on the new BLE Library for Elixir[…